The Remote Leadership Institute was founded on a simple and powerful premise: We believe that what successful leaders must do hasn’t changed over the years. What’s changed is how they must do it.

While technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected, it has also made the leader’s job that much more complex. The Remote Leadership Institute exists to help organizations and leaders understand and succeed despite these changes.

The Institute was founded by merging the world-class leadership thinking and skill development of Kevin Eikenberry and Remarkable Leadership with cutting edge insight and training from Wayne Turmel. Together, they have created a unique place to find the real-world tools, practical training, and the latest thinking to help organizations and individual leaders create human connections and great results no matter where they’re located.

Here you’ll find many resources including:

  • A comprehensive curriculum designed to address the real challenges remote leaders face today.
  • Powerful, virtual, instructor-led training, available as stand-alone programs or in a certificate program.
  • Free resources including whitepapers, podcasts, newsletters, and more.
  • Fresh content through the RLI blog, including articles and other thought leadership from experts around the world.